About Irontree

We are a San Francisco based boutique consulting firm, that was founded with the intent of helping individuals, teams, and organizations maximize their full potential.  We have the distinct advantage of being able to quickly connect with clients to understand their strengths, challenges, and areas of opportunity.  This in turn, allows us to partner with clients to build the critical skills needed to succeed in today’s business climate.  Irontree Consulting effectively and efficiently helps clients create durable and lasting business results.

President & Founder -  Regan Bach
Regan holding light photo

Regan has a formal background in Sociology, Human Services, and Organization Development.   He works with individuals and organizations in a variety of capacities that include coaching, consulting, leadership development, and advisory services.  He has a wealth of experience working in fast-paced, interrupt-driven companies, where leadership agility and high stakes decision-making are paramount.  His experience, combined with a diverse upbringing and extensive world travels, give Regan a unique perspective on individual and organizational change. Regan has worked in organizations such as Flipboard, Ask.com, Facebook, eBay, LinkedIn, California Academy of Sciences, Paypal, Zynga, SAY Media, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Redhat, Agari, Trend Micro, and others.

Regan was born and raised in Colorado, and thanks to his parents being avid travelers (and via a stint as a sponsored whitewater kayaker), he navigated the globe annually.  Countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Fiji, Indonesia, Tahiti, Spain, Rarotonga, and Thailand gave Regan a rare and unconventional education.  His exposure to diverse cultures, challenges, and languages, ignited his curiosity in understanding people and systems, and set the stage for his professional career. Visit LinkedIn or Twitter to learn more about Irontree Consulting or Regan Bach.

Vice President – Rachel Bassignani
Rachel B Irontree photo

Rachel has a background in Business Management and Finance. As a coach and consultant for Irontree, Rachel focuses on leadership and organizational development for individuals, teams and organizations. Rachel has partnered with a wide variety of companies across various industries over the last 15 years; fully supporting the management teams in every effort to increase individual and organizational efficiency and effectiveness.  Rachel has worked with organizations such as The California Academy of Sciences, Avery Dennison Corp., Caravan Studios, Women for Women International, Full Circle Foundation, The Levo League and several others. Rachel also has over eight years of experience as a Certified Sommelier, successfully managing two multi-million dollar wine portfolios across San Francisco and Shanghai, and is also a Certified Coach (CPCC) with CTI, as well as a Certified Yoga instructor and sports coach; working with individuals and groups to identify and achieve their collective goals.

As Vice President, Rachel focuses on ensuring an exceptional client experience, managing our vast network of strategic partnerships, and overseeing the overall performance of each engagement along with all project deliverables. Utilizing her experience as a Sommelier, Rachel is well versed at leveraging high quality client engagement, adapting quickly to client needs, and understanding how individuals and teams interact within business and social environments. As a coach, Rachel has a unique and engaging presence that imbues clarity and compassion with consistent persistence in mitigating blind spots and sussing key areas for growth; thus enabling her clients to leverage their strengths in order to successfully facilitate individual and organizational change objectives.

Raised in Northern California and having traveled to over 22 countries, Rachel continues to pursue her interests in wine, travel, culture and interpersonal development. Based on her expanding experience and interest in leadership and organizational behavior, Rachel continues to develop her expertise as a coach and consultant under the mentorship of Regan Bach. Visit LinkedIn or Twitter to learn more about Rachel Bassignani.